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Charlotte Gallogly
President, WTC, Miami

Economic Base
Miami, with a total population of 2,285 million and a gross domestic product of US$75 billion, is the recognized gateway to the Americas, including Central America and the Caribbean – a top trade hub between North America, South America and Europe. Miami International Airport has more flights to cities in the Western Hemisphere than any other airport, and is the top-ranked international freight, perishables and passenger airport in the US. The Port of Miami moved 8.68 million tons in 2002.
Ownership & Operations
The WTC Miami is a private, non-profit corporation, certified in trade conferences, trade education, trade missions and trade shows. In 1998 its board decided to focus the WTC Miami on maximizing sales opportunities between buyers and sellers in the Western Hemisphere.
Outstanding Service: Trade Strategies and Market Positioning
WTC Miami created a strategy that helped position Miami-Dad County as the “Trade and Logistics Capital of the Americas.” It used various services to implement this strategy, including launching “Americas”-themed shows and conferences, including:
  • Air Cargo Americas International Exhibition and Congress
  • Americas Food and Beverage Trade Show and Conference
  • SeaCargo Americas International Exhibition and Congress
These trade shows and conferences have drawn thousands of buyers and sellers from the hemisphere, as well as generating an enormous benefit for the local economy. The results for 2002 include:
  • US$1 billion in international sales reported by companies that participated in the programs, which supported 5,000 jobs
  • US$38 million generated in local economic impact
  • 23,000 international executives from 73 countries in attendance
The WTC Miami has also played a key role in trade advocacy for such agreements as CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) and FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas).
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WTC Miami has created a strategy that has helped position Miami as the “Trade and Logistics Capital of the Americas.” Its trade shows generate more than US$1 billion in annual sales.
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